Song: oblivion remix (ft. Lily Potter)

She’s an amazing artist and creator of the song please check out her other music, thank you 🙂

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-oblivion remix (ft. Lily Potter)

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-Music Genre?
main genre: lofi hip-hop
other genres : chillhop/ambiant/electronic…

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  1. 😭

  2. That’s the first time I see Tom acting like a simp

  3. Kocham tą piosenke codziennie ją sucham 7 razy


  5. RazorX

  6. What’s heart warming about it is that Tom for so many years tried to kill Jerry, and jerry tried everything he could to keep Tom from giving up, but then jerry lost hope and decided to focus on what he loved, but what he loved was taken. So now, it wasn’t some goofy chase between Tom and jerry. It was two friends, knowing how the other felt, and just let it happen. I hate the internet because it takes loving a girl a simp. I know loving a girl for wanting her body is bad, don’t do that. But if you really love a girl for who she is and what she is, it’s love. And you want to try and earn it. But life doesn’t work that way. Life isn’t about love, because the best love you’ll get is from a friend. I would know…

  7. θ﷼

  8. Oh no meme not defend me from depressed

  9. Man, what a sad ending for two animals who thought that they were enemies but were only true best friends.

  10. She belongs to the streets

  11. Srsly 74m views crazy

  12. Dude this was so good

  13. The ancient Romans believed that Love was a curse that you would wish upon your worst enemy. You don't understand why until you experience it. I feel you Tom 💔

  14. Só eu q tomei um fora e vim pra k?

  15. Tom and jerry heartbroken by similar bitches only to become best buds when all the thots leave – this is true camaraderie.

  16. This is so sad oh my god like 🥺

  17. "If you don't want me, don't mess with my feelings…"

  18. W T F I S T H I S ?

  19. Butch is the kid with spiky hair in first school

  20. Welcome to dark side of youtube

  21. S

  22. Tôi làm tất cả vì cậu nhưng cậu lại…😞

  23. the life.

  24. 🙁

  25. I hate love. I am in alone. My family members hate me😭😭

  26. sad cat give a like for the sad cat ;(

  27. This song made me depresed. Imma go play some fortnite now

  28. Весь смысл жизни

  29. This is beautiful

  30. I mean, if Tom and Jerry survived the entirety if the shows lifespan, a train would be easy to survive.

  31. what episode
    of tom and jerry is it bc it’s not 163

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