🌅 Top 5 New FREE TO PLAY Anime Games 2020 | SKYLENT

🌅 Top 5 New FREE TO PLAY Anime Games 2020 | SKYLENT

Free anime games, anime for free, free to play anime games. I found 5 games that look way too good not to share and stay shushed. Keep the hype alive! btw hype for “Tower of God”?

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  1. Hmm…I wonder why guys play this..🤣🤣🤣

  2. 1:04 our savior

  3. None of these are on Xbox

  4. Oh shiet sky u dont look like u sound 😂

  5. what is the name of 0:41,please

  6. Soylent gay.

  7. dear skylent my fav anime is dragon ball can you put top 10 dragon ball games?

  8. Will any of these be on Xbox?

  9. your a god

  10. You are cuter than I imagined. (Not a come on, just a comment. I am definitely old enough to be your mom. Ha.)

  11. 0:10 :p

  12. Blue protocol needs to be mmo, unchain that player zone limit and let people connect and talk which is the main complain. Otherwise….. not going to be a success.

  13. Genshi Impact definitely looks exactly like Kurtzpel, rather than Breath of the Wild.

  14. Lol 😂 totally weird game choices but ok 👌

  15. why are you only games that aren't release yet.

  16. to put it in your words: 1:50 it looks interesting.

  17. 7:56 he said "if I come out…"

  18. Big anime tiddiessss

  19. All I want is a triple a game close enough to Madoka Magica that I can pretend I'm fighting witches in some alternate universe where labyrinths aren't a thing

  20. What's with all these bot comments?

  21. the blue protocol is so fucking cool game!!! its so good

  22. Nikke isnt even out yet is it?

  23. link to that pls, it's for my homework 0:09

  24. Nike

  25. All the weebs crawling out of their dark caves to see virtual anime girls shake their parts hahahaha, pathetic!

  26. NAM 1975 is better

  27. Dragon nest is gonna get a texture upgrade and 1 new class

  28. Im finishing up sword art online and I really thought there would be a good anime mmo worth my time but these don't seem that promising to me.. shame

  29. I like anime games because of their quality and animation motion it’s soo AMAZINGLY GOOD🔥💖

  30. 00:10 best game video opening

  31. Another one is honkai impact 3rd

  32. Which are the best.

  33. I would pay for Nikke

  34. 1:45 THICC
    Subscribed to a man of culture

  35. ok that intro ok im sold

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