Free anime games, anime for free, free to play anime games. I found 5 games that look way too good not to share and stay shushed. Keep the hype alive! btw hype for “Tower of God”?

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  1. Blue protocol needs to be mmo, unchain that player zone limit and let people connect and talk which is the main complain. Otherwise….. not going to be a success.

  2. All I want is a triple a game close enough to Madoka Magica that I can pretend I'm fighting witches in some alternate universe where labyrinths aren't a thing

  3. All the weebs crawling out of their dark caves to see virtual anime girls shake their parts hahahaha, pathetic!

  4. Im finishing up sword art online and I really thought there would be a good anime mmo worth my time but these don't seem that promising to me.. shame


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