5 Signs You're A Racing Game Noob!

5 Signs You're A Racing Game Noob!

Noobs and Beginners to racing games tend to have these habits. Some of them are downright annoying, whereas others are actually kind of adorable. Either way, it would be best for any noobs watching this video to get rid of these habits ASAP if they ever intend to become great at racing games!



Music Used
Frakture – Hindsight

Nomyn – Daydreamer

Videogames Featured/Cars Used (in order. I’m the one playing)
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit – Lamborghini Murcielago
Forza Horizon 3 – Ferrari FXX K
NFS Hot Pursuit (again)
Ride 2 – Yamaha R6
FH3 (again)

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  1. In nfs mw 2005 there is a curvy turn and it slows your car very much and if you nitrous that you are Fucked

  2. 1:30 the crew 2 is the best example

  3. Dude I literally do all the 5 things (except the second one maybe) you mentioned above but still I'm the first one to cross the finish line on the 1st or at most 2nd try… What kinda "Noob" does that make me?

  4. My sister used to twist her body while playing Mario Kart when trying to turn.

  5. The ramming thing isnt for noobs its for asholes

  6. When you literally run someone off by clipping their rear bumper and they literally teleport in front of you.

  7. 1:18 you gotta admit that is sometimes handy

  8. I play fh4 on unbeatable with manual and clutch shifting and all assists off. I still lean my entire body to the side like a dumbass while playing😂

  9. i normally bump to cars in turns if im desperate to get first place lmao

  10. First trope
    I immediately thought "Pls no Punterino"

  11. Me accidentally hits car me ah shit i am a noob

  12. Nobody

    Richard hammond in real life : i am NOOb

  13. I’m pretty sure that most of us turn our controllers not because we think it helps us turn but we have fun in those games and just feel like we are part of the game.

  14. So i'm kind of a noob, i was aware of that

  15. Can we get an f in the chat for the bikers who were hit

  16. I play asphalt 9 legends

  17. how are you supposed to turn in asphalt then
    well you can go to setting and change it

  18. Isn't it awkward if you play older racing games and the only player who is obviously RACING is us? They always scripted stay in their positions

  19. not trying to be (insert word here) but #5 could be a habit
    doesnt change anything, doesnt make u better or worse
    for someone, it might help them feel the turn, therefore turning better?

  20. Ngl I kinda turn my head when I play nfs 😂 but I’m actually good at racing games 😂😂😂 just habit

  21. I can't even afford these racing games 😂

  22. Lol i ram others so they bump to other cars, obstacle or the the railings

  23. I move my head while turning 🤣

  24. I have YEARS playing and I still turn the controller. I got the habit from the wii.

  25. I consider myself good at sim and arcade-sim games and yet I am the absolute worst at NFS

  26. I just wish the controller had an accelerometer because then turning would be so easier

  27. This guy doesn't play like this so he's calling noob 🙉

  28. What about 360ing other players?

  29. Me but it is on split screen with my sister

  30. What about first person and third person?
    I like first person.

  31. Turning the control is guilt of the Wii controllers

  32. If I’m playing a game against a cpu I sometimes ram into them on purpose and I also like to turn my hands and sometimes body not cuz I think it makes me turn faster just cuz

  33. When u play FPS games and try to dodge bullets physically

  34. I turn my body and I’m not a noob

  35. Noob means "new player" witch means the only sign is "you are a new player". Useless video.

  36. I do the 5th one if I'm really into the race, ie the canyon duels in nfs carbon

  37. I used to have need for speed pursuit it was so fun coming home home after school and playing

  38. 1:51 R.I.P. Pagani

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