A beginning to end playthrough of Kairosoft’s 2010 iOS and Android game, Game Dev Story.

This is not the original 90’s Japanese PC game, but the Android OS port. This is an entire 20 year length game, with my company and games winning all of the honors possible over the course of it. Hope you enjoy it! This was a lot of fun to play again… I didn’t realize it was so long until I finished it 🙂

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. This game becomes really tedious and dull at around year 13. Nothing exciting to see after that and that's a shame. Also, the music sucks.

  2. It comes out on the switch tomorrow. I was hoping there would be more depth than what the eshop depicts but no. Maybe I will buy if it goes on sale.

  3. How the heck did he get my game name he's in the past im in he future of the date of this video I have a game named time travel in my game dev story

  4. Nice. 8 hours of this. I beat the hell out of this game. So much fun. Especially on the go. i also play Gran Prix Story. Good stuff.


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