Get Lower Abs in 14 DAYS! 5 min Beginner Friendly Lower Belly Workout, No Equipment

Get Lower Abs in 14 DAYS! 5 min Beginner Friendly Lower Belly Workout, No Equipment

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Workout starts at 1:32


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  1. Guys this is no joke! I'm doing this for a week now and i see big differences. I tried everything to lose my lower belly fat and this workout is the one for me

  2. حسيت بالتعب بمجرد وانا بشوفها بتتمرن ؛-؛

  3. Ima try it out – what do I have to lose? Except this gut 🤰🏽

  4. If she is from USA than why do she speak Chinese

  5. It‘s day 7 and I feel like i‘m losing my Motivation 😫

  6. I found you five days ago and I'm doing the lean-legged exercise. Tomorrow I'm going to do this one with the legs workout…
    I'm so thankful to you❤️
    I trust in Asians to do this exercises because they have one of the most beautiful bodies in the world

  7. 1.👍

  8. You have a problem darling. And it isn’t your belly.

  9. ….how are you in great shape and still find something to dislike?

  10. I’m going to try this so wish me luck
    Also please motivate me because I really need some motivation
    My measurements before I start doing this is 32 in.
    Day 1- ✅ This workout is the type that feels very effective but doesn’t make you so tired and weak to the extent you feel like you can’t and don’t want to continue. So far I feel good.

  11. Buenísimo estos Videos. Al principio miraba los video hoy los ejercito. Súper recomendable quedas re agotada pero yo estoy segura que Vale la Pena 😍 EXITOS PARA TU CANAL SALUDOS DESDE ARGENTINA ♡

  12. 1

  13. 雖然我41公斤 但是肚子沒那麼扁😂

  14. I am gonna try this, because i have the same "problem".😁😁😁

  15. Day 1 tired

  16. I can't breath

  17. Last exercise for head ache really work for me….😇

  18. 非常感謝您進行的出色練習,再次感謝您,我減掉了4公斤,從伊拉克跟隨了您,希望您能將我帶入您的愛心。

  19. Я потеряла свой комментарий, потому буду писать тут.
    День 12:✅

  20. Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅

  21. I want to start this!!!!!!

  22. Not many people are updating their results so I’m going to try this for 14 days and try update every day! It’s only 5 minutes long so hopefully I can stay motivated enough to do it every day! Please like this comment so I can remember to update and do it 💕🥺 I am also doing her thigh workout every day for a week so I’m updating on that video too! Okay, Here We Go!!
    Stomach (Fattest Point): 76cm or 30 inches
    Waist: 61cm or 24 inches

    Stomach (Fattest Point): 85.5cm or 33.7 inches
    Waist: 67cm or 26.4 inches

    Day One (25/06): ✅
    Day Two:
    Day Three:
    Day Four:
    Day Five:
    Day Six:
    Day Seven (01/07):
    Day Eight:
    Day Nine:
    Day Ten:
    Day Eleven:
    Day Twelve:
    Day Thirteen:
    Day Fourteen (08/07):

    Stomach (Fattest Point):

    Good luck on your journey to be healthier 💕

  23. Start to day👍

  24. I will try it as from today 25 June

  25. _φ(・_・6/25〜

  26. Wow nice video..bagong kaibigan iwan ko na regalo ko sa bahay mo.

  27. 1:11 Is she tryna roast? 🤣🤣

  28. 何ゆーてるか分からへんけど、とりあえず真似してみた。3日目になって筋肉痛になった。

  29. Okay chicos, llevo varias semanas con estos vídeos y si he bajado sorprendentemente.
    Aunque siendo honesta había días que no hacía ejercicios o los saltaba.
    Pero estas semanas llevaré a cabo todos y en orden.
    Hago 4 de April diarios
    Peso inicial 69 kg
    Día 1 ✓
    Día 2✓

  30. من قالت vتذكرت تاي😂😂😂💖

  31. ☝🏿

  32. Day 1

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