Hesitant about travelling solo? Afraid of getting lost in a foreign city and feeling lonely? Scoot challenged 10 individuals to step out of their comfort zones and travel solo. 😱 Watch what happens as they each take a spontaneous leap of faith into a whole new world of fun and spontaneity! 🎈

Go solo. Travel out of your comfort zone!

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  1. Confirmation of flight refund and cancelation certificate

    Good day,

    I have booked a flight to Singapore on July 7 for its flight TR905 through Scoot Airlines. The reservation number is EE6M9E. Reservation is under the names of Kim Young-a, Do Chae-ryn and Suk Ye-in. However, due to the Corona 19, I received an e-mail from Scoot asking for a refund and asked for a refund on June 6. Please send us an email confirming that the refund request has been under proper process to the initial payment method. And I need a cancellation certificate of the flight to cancel my reservation of the Singapore hotel. Please reply to this email as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

  2. I canceled my ticket to Taiwan on January 30. Counselor said he would cancel it in five weeks. It's April now. I still haven't got a refund. I didn't get a cancellation mail. I sent an email, but there was no reply. In a scoot application, the journey which i canceled is not searched. There is no indication that it has been canceled. The phone number is 01072897717 and the email is suji7717@gmail.com. Please email me how the cancellation process is going. Send me an email. It's so stuffy. I'd like you to show me at least the courtesy.

  3. Hi I’ve messaged on FB on 9th February, 13 days ago and am still waiting for your reply. I've emailed you on 10th February and am still waiting for your reply. I've called the call centre twice. My first call was cut by your service personnel after an hour of waiting. My second call was cut by your service personnel after 1.5 hours of waiting. I have never received a call back. My flight is now in 7 days. Would be grateful for a response soon. Thank you. Flight reference number: F3IBHI.


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