Using just one lens, COOPH presents 7 awesome tips and tricks that will teach you how to step up your travel photography. Shot in Vienna, Austria, our team tested out Tamron’s 18-400mm zoom lens alongside other travel essentials like SanDisk’s Extreme Pro 256gb USB stick. Got some travel photography tips of your own? Let us know on the links below!

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Lens used for photography: Tamron 18-400mm zoom lens:
USB stick – SANDISK Extreme PRO 256GB USB3.1:
Camera used for photography: Nikon D850:
Camera used for filming – Sony A7s:
Tripod – Gitzo Traveler GT1545T:
Image Editing Software – Adobe Lightroom:
Video Editing Software – Adobe Premiere Pro:
Video Editing Software – Adobe After Effects:

By purchasing from the “” links above you will not incur any additional charges. We do however receive a small commission from Amazon, which helps us to keep doing what we love; bringing you creative, inventive and quality video content that will up your photography game!

Producer: Ulrich Grill, zooom productions (
Photography by: Holger Väth
Cinematography, editing and directing: Ilja Bayerl
Written by: Fred Simmons


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  1. hello CooPH..
    are u used tamron's 18-400mm zoom . Is this a good lens.
    tamron another lens 16-300mm zoom, What do you think about this lens (16-300mm/or a 18-400mm)

  2. Cooph team ur great..
    A photography lover
    Who do not have a dslr
    Who never gona buy one
    Bkz iam also a middleclass
    😖😞😞😢 ..frnds..dont want to follow but this is my some phone photographies i wish to hear comments from big photographers like u

  3. I love your videos, and as much as I love the content of your videos, the music is just krazy, where do you guy find your music for your videos? Thank you!

  4. Tip #2 Can't get close to your subject? Zoom in.
    Tip #3 Limited for space? Zoom out.

    Oh no shit ! thanks for the tips 😀

  5. I say – you don't have to ask for the subject's permission, as long as you're not making it too obvious that you're shooting them (that could cause them discomfort). I mostly shoot from chest level, without even looking into the viewfinder. A wide lens and a preset distance of about 3 meters should do the trick.

  6. still now I don't have a camera , I will be buying one after completing my graduation courses , but I am a fond of photography and with my mobile camera , I used to take some pictures as a freelance photographer , and those pictures are considered as quite good by the persons who see them , thus I will be delightful if you could help me with some more tips for mobile photography , as the previous ones posted by you were greatly helpful for me , can you please help me with some ?

  7. Except the #2 (to zoom out is the first tip that learns every photographer!!!) , the other tips are pretty interesting….
    Where were you?

  8. Zoom in to make things closer and zoom out to make them far away. Then why not do both at the same time. Then take some photos of the things you see when travelling and put them on your computer. Come on guys you're better than this.

  9. Please make another video of this one but us Mobile Camera(one plus 5 or whatever).. i don't have any camera so only. It will very helpful for me


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