Hunter X Hunter Games Evolution (2000 – 2018)

Hunter X Hunter Games Evolution (2000 – 2018)

Hunter X Hunter Game Evolution in all Console and PC

Hunter X Hunter: Ishi o Tsugomono (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Hunter no Keifu (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Maboroshi no Greed Island (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Kindan no Hihou (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Sorezore no Ketsui (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Michikareshi Mono (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Ryumyaku no Saidan (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Ubawareta Aura Stone (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Minna Tomodachi Daisakusen!! (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter X Hunter: Wonder Adventure (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter × Hunter: Battle Collection (ALL EVOLUTION GAME)
Hunter × Hunter: Battle All-Stars (kongbakpao)
Hunter × Hunter: World Hunt (AppGamerTH)
Hunter × Hunter: Greed Adventure ( ALL EVOLUTION GAME)

List Console :
ANDR = Android
GBA = Game Boy Advance
GBC = Game Boy Color
IOS = Iphone & Ipad
PS1 = PlayStation 1
PS2 = PlayStation 2
PSP = PlayStation Portable
PSPN = PlayStation Portable Network
WSW = Wonder Swan
WSC = Wonder Swan Color

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  1. Where is the nen?

  2. Hxh really has a departure from games

  3. 2:01 wtf xDDDD

  4. And yet it still has no fighting games.

  5. Bad game

  6. Didn’t even know there is a HxH game…

  7. We need more characters of hxh in jump force…

  8. 2000 game looks like pokemon imo

  9. they better make a greed island arc vr game

  10. aint even hxh had a video game

  11. Game?

  12. Some of these games look like bootlegs tbh

  13. HxH would make for a great tournament fighting game. shame there never was one. I'm afraid there will never be one.

  14. I want to play Geurido Airando

  15. Lol
    All fo them are just straight up garbage

  16. I highly recommed The Legend Of Zelda games for people who want Hunter X Hunter games. In particular, The Wind Waker for it's cell shading. Gives of the same vibes as HxH.

  17. They never made a roblox hxh character 🙁

  18. They should make a hxh game where you make your own character and you are apart of the show. Where you can make friends with everyone including Hisoka and the phantom trope. And maybe the characters could fall in love with you.

  19. Such a bad games for an amazing anime

  20. We need game just like one piece pirate warrior and naruto storm and db budokai tenkaichi

  21. 日本人おらんくね?

  22. Bro I just want a game like Naruto's, One piece's, Dbz's, you fucking name it. I don't care if it's the exact same storyline as in the anime or even a whole new plot, all I need is a good console g a m e. Hunter x Hunter has great potential to become a video game and the industry be sleeping on that

  23. A Hunter X Hunter game with DBZK quality is a game that had already sold me all the DLC

  24. pokemon games hehe

  25. I would love a hxh game that lets you make your own character and like choose your race and stuff. Like DBZ xenoverse

  26. I had NO idea any of these exist. They are so cute

  27. Only crap games for a greatest anime 😢😢😢

  28. I want to play a hxh game even if they are not the best. I practically grew up on terrible gba games.

  29. I missed HXH Battle All Star

  30. Must be hard making a game about hiatus manga.


  32. Bro hxh is 2011 anime

  33. Hunter x hunter realesed in 2011 you dumb fuck

  34. you do not own this music it if you try to steal it from me or try to do anything to that music you will be busted and they will terminate your account. Your game to the license is incorrect you will be terminated if you try it > I have the additional license to that music belongs to my game do not do anything stupid I will contact them if you do. But if you purchase the music license to this music and I also purchased the music license to this music that means you have a license and I have a license your intervening your copyright music to my game I already own this music license and I have a license for this music of my game I suggest you remove your incorrect game license music name. License that doesn't belong to my music license game. And I purchase this music license that means I also own a copyright to this music of The License.

  35. (1980~1997 ??)

  36. No shonen jump ?

  37. 2:01 castlevania

  38. I want hxh fighterZ please

  39. wait there are HxH games

  40. I am starting to wonder…
    It looks like naruto's voice
    Its a miracle!

  41. That one hunterxhunter game
    Kinda looks like castlevania

  42. I swear man there needs to be a hunter hunter game like dbzk

  43. Seriously with nen system why there no creative game

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