I’m posting only on youtube for the moment. This track will be available in most streaming platforms when my first album come out, so stay tuned!

As usual everything is made using Voltage Modular software to patch and create every sound.
In this specific song I also used one piano sample and triggered it “randomly” inside cherry audio’s software too.

The only external gear I always use for the moment are my korg nanokontrol’s (I have two) to control all my patches, allowing me to play it as a standart analog modular performance.
This track was made out of two of this “digital modular” sessions, one over the other and then reworked, mixed and mastered, so it’s not in the performances list but in the actual finished songs list.
Hope you like it!

For any professional inquire: bonomomusica@gmail.com

Nguồn: https://mochoquynh.com

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