Congratulations! We became more than 100,000. The time for epic ambient mix, it’s a gift for all of us. Insanely grateful to all of you, to everyone who is part of this channel. Artists who make this wonderful music, photographers who make beautiful our visual perception of the world, casual listeners of this channel, and of course YOU – “subscribers”. We are a community of Ambient, we live and breathe this wonderful music… Proud of you and really love everyone. Thank you for everything! #WeAreAmbient
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📌 Suggested mix: ‘Memories’ Chill Mix

00:00 We Are All Astronauts – Ether
06:31 Need a Name – Cosmos
12:13 Delectatio – Promise Me
16:10 Groundfold – The Tale Of The Broken Bird (Swoof Remix)
21:24 William French – Blue Heron
25:55 Flame Shapes – Nothing
29:29 A-GON – Her Smile
31:39 Swoof – Waves
37:01 Owsey – Dancing By The Dreamless Wave
41:35 Caduceus – Grace
44:16 Børne – Still Thinking About Things
46:15 Ametrine – Purity I
52:13 Jazpe – Helpless
57:36 Dominik Landahl – Nivalis
01:00:29 SineRider – Moments Alone (Need a Name Remix)
01:08:38 Random Forest – Awakening
01:15:49 Sean Williams – Memories
01:20:50 TonyAnderson – Immanuel
01:33:11 Clemens Ruh – Broken
01:40:34 Lapse – Passing
01:42:30 glo & Cobalt Rabbit – Moments Away From You
01:46:48 Owsey – Sarah’s Summer Wasteland
01:49:04 Waller – Outro

Picture by Greg Rakozy

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We Are All Astronauts

Need a Name (Chasing Dreams)




William French

Flame Shapes







Dominik Landahl


Random Forest

Sean Williams

Tony Anderson

Clemens Ruh



Cobalt Rabbit


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  1. I would be glad and grateful to everyone if you check new Chill Mix 'Memories' > 😉

  2. Had not expected to hear Tony Anderson – Immanuel in this mix. Absolutely love that track! probably because I love Carol of the Bells so much

  3. The world can burn for all I care, i was never part of it anyway. They never wanted me, but still I hope they have people who love and appreciate them. Be happy everyone. I'm sorry I can't.

  4. Thanks guys. This mix made me super focused and made my creative juices flow. Awesome. I'm grateful for your work.

  5. Escutando isso para controlar minha ansiedade durante essa minha época como vestibulando de medicina. Tudo vai dar certo!


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