Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Kingdom Come Deliverance Walkthrough
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  1. Currently Free on the Epic Game Store – Use Code TheGameRiot (thanks for your support)

  2. i like your gameplay ..not like that one dude have a title "walkthrough" but miss everything on his sight when play the game.. pffftt..

  3. I mean, their king didn't gave a shit about ruling, why would anyone support him? it's like supporting a president who doesn't do anything to his country just partying all the time.

  4. One of my favourite series by you game riot loving the new content as well have been subscribed sine you hit 20k so thank you

  5. I just bought this game on steam its on sell I got full pack its going take 4 hours to download on 25 meg sec download speeds thanks goodness having speeds before i only had 10 meg sec

  6. Based on what I have seen the quality of the graphics are nearly equal to Skyrim.
    I know Skyrim is older, but still it is obvious based on Bethesda's practices that they were basically charging whatever they want when they made that game.

  7. if you collect plant and flowers you can sell them..and get important things eg more schnapps, a knife and so on..collect flowers…lots of

  8. is there any glitch? it took so long to get Henry very very skillful…alot of hours…so i think twice before replaying again..some enemies are so op

  9. I've only played the first hour or so, but it's astounding what this developer made with so little, they've put Bethesda to shame, I already care more about my character and the world than I ever did in one of their games.

  10. At 53:20 I tried to fight those 3 soldiers to save the lady. Just no chance this game is ridiculously difficult..

  11. IMHO one of the best RPG ever. Real life, real people, real history. And some of the best looking forests of that hardware-generation. Great Video, BTW!

  12. IDK about other people but games like these, really make me appreciate the second amendment, from back in the olden days where just a bunch of louts with swords could come in and lay waste to your village cause they outnumber you. But if you're American you can take them under fire at a distance and put down such mad dogs. And despite the obfuscations of media the ability to do this is far from a bad thing.


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