Rambo Arcade Gameplay – Full Playthrough

Rambo Arcade Gameplay – Full Playthrough

Rambo Arcade is an exciting shooting arcade game that truly lives up to the Rambo legend. Unlike many on rail shooters, there is not cover system, and the light gun is an automatic assault rifle with a large ammo clip, so you may literally spray your foes with bullets just as John Rambo would. This video was captured in-house at Highway Entertainment straight from the arcade machine’s Sega Lindbergh gameboard. Rambo Arcade is a legendary arcade shooter that will really get the testosterone flowing and give you a fix of excessive violence. In the words of the game: “He will never be forgotten, so long as we tell his heroic tales.”
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  1. For some reason, I thought that actor Vinnie Jones (He portrayed Juggernaut in X Men 3) was the actor who played the role of Sgt Yushin in Rambo 2.

  2. “Life or Death! The choice is yours!!”

  3. unpopular opinion, but how the fuck people here say this is better than rambo the video game. It's as terrible as 2014 game, even might be worse. Might as well play time crisis rather than this lmao.

  4. rambo is a hero

  5. The Rambo game is actor is Sylvester Stallone

  6. I like to shoot with one hand and flip the bird with the other hand

  7. 下手くそすぎ。リロード早めにしろし。二度とやんな

  8. You guys suck

  9. Deep Sorrow

  10. 14:20
    The most hardest event in the WHOLE game.


  11. So, both player 1 and 2 are Rambo? 🤔

  12. He was spotted by enemy did he put bomb why will bomb???

  13. this is modern shit game ! the classics are much better

  14. This game is giving me Black Ops 1 Vietnam vibes

  15. こう言っちゃなんですが・・・・余り御上手ではありませんね。私は初見プレイでステージ4まで行きましたよ?

  16. I once played the game in an arcade then I played as 2 players lol if you get what I meant..

  17. mans got 5 life, cutscene starts, instantly lose 4 life. shit really hit the fan on that one

  18. up主失敗多くないか?

  19. Deep sorrow and burning rage.

  20. 7:45 – What Is Song Called?

  21. To win a war you gotta become war

  22. I don’t remember rap music being part of the video game

  23. Who's ready for last blood?

  24. what's with the shitty rap music?

  25. 2018

  26. awesome videogame but I would have liked very much to include a mission of the fourth movie

  27. Rambo u are savage that u do the tank vs helicopter that was awesome

  28. Seeing that you missed a lot QTE makes me MAXIMUM RAGE also TRASH AIM

  29. I remember playing this in my local arcade. I use to be very accurate with the bow, bazooka, and all the stuff that involved quick-time-one-shot stuff. Until they closed the game for good :((

  30. 2:53 The most Epic "Reinforcements have arrived" ever

  31. I remember playing this in a mall with my uncle while I was waiting for my mom and aunt to finish shopping when I was around 6 to 7 years old. It was really fun not gonna lie!

  32. Rambo Arcade has one hell of a soundtrack.

  33. Jogo ótimo

  34. Rambo bosses in a nutshell:

    Boss 2B: Let us fight man versus tiny baby man
    Boss 4A: Hudda hudda huh!!
    Boss 5: Ah shit, here we go again

  35. Just the beautiful Endcredits makes it worth to play ….

  36. Sega should port this to consoles to celebrate the release of Rambo: Last Blood in September.

  37. This game was my shit back in my old day lol

  38. At The Mission 2 I Had 2 Failed The Enemy Was Alerted Mission Failed I Need More Target We must More Accurate

  39. Finally i got 1470000 score for rambo arcade

  40. this game looked fun, too bad my local DandB cabinet doesn't work.

  41. to get high score , you must failed the QTC event if it won't damage your life , you can get more enemy kill for score

  42. Great game for sure, but the rap music is shit! Doesn't fit the gameplay at all! Yuk!

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