It’s time to collect my perfect set of wireless gaming peripherals. Let’s see if the new Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition makes the cut for best wireless mouse.

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Razer Lancehead TE (Wired Optical) –
Razer Lancehead (Wireless Laser) –
Logitech G403 (Wireless) –
Logitech G900 (Wireless) –
SteelSeries Rival 310 (Wired) –
Logitech G PRO (Wired) –

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Review unit provided free of charge by Razer. This video is sponsored by NZXT. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no video direction was received from manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Panasonic G7 –
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  1. Samsung and some LG users, enjoy the new aspect ratio 🙂 Hope you dont miss the black bars!

    For the rest of you? … sorry :p still enjoy!

  2. lol noob spent $140 on their lancehead, I got mine for $74. Also I use the wires on the wireless mouse. Use amazon

  3. some people prefer laser for better responsiveness, optical is only good for fps games, we don't all play cs go and want optical mouses.

  4. I have the Razer Lancehead and everything he said is 100% accurate. Pick up range is awful and their is some sort of acceleration happening when you flick that is preventing hits.
    I had the Razer Mamba and is broke so Razer sent me the lancehead, it sucks. Go with the logitech products over Razer

  5. I think this mouse is really good value in 2020. On amazon, at the time of me writing this comment, the Razer Lancehead Wireless is $60. Now yes, it does have a laser sensor and the lights make the battery last for not that long. However for a lefty it seems like a much better deal now.

  6. FINALLY someone that shows you how to plug the damn thing in. It doesn't even show that in the user manual. I've watched so many videos and not one person talks about this. lol thanks!

  7. Wow, less than a week worth of charge is crazy when you think of Logitech MX Master 2, with 70 days of charge.

  8. Hey is this availible only in black because it looks gray in the video I don't know if this is optional maybe in the 2017 version?

  9. Lol you could've done a second take of you saying RAZER not "LAZER" when you compared the mice … 😭👌 Great vid tho love the production value🔥👍

  10. i got this for 50$ at bestbuy im not sure if they lowered it or if it was on sale but i never really saw any sale tag or anything so for the price this mouse is really good but now like i said im not 100% if they lowered it but go to local bestbuy you can get good deals compared to online sometimes

  11. I enjoyed the mouse. But lost the wireless dongle for the mouse so it's a paper weight now. Does anyone know a work around for this?

  12. not a razer fan but that looks comfortable to hold .
    I lost 16% battery from 2 days of gaming, 1kHz, no light on logo from my G Pro Wireless.
    thats about 5-7 hrs of gaming each day.

  13. I had this mouse for about 1 year and the outcome is this: This mouse has the worst sensor ever. Even when i m just moving the mouse forward it likes to go nuts and flies away wherever it wants to. The lod (lift off-distance) Is just terrible, the software(Synapse 3.0 BETA) doesn't always work. I put the lod on 1 but still it acted like if it was on 6. I already knew from the start that is wasn't working correctly but i still gave it a chance. I thought that it would get better over time with like software updates etc, but it didn't! I think it even got worse, update after update. This is why i dont like Razer. A big majority of their products doesn't always work like they should! Their software, mice and headsets is crap. I do though like the keyboards they make, but that's the only thing


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