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  1. My current setup:
    Redragon: 4in1 RGB Gaming Combo (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset and Mousepad)
    My next setup:
    Mouse – Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Chroma Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse 
    Headset –  Piranha Gaming Headset HP25
    Mouse pad –  Iconix World Map Full Desk Coverage Gaming and Office Mousepad
    Keyboard –  Razer: Cynosa Chroma – US Layout

  2. Ik I’m very late but why is this chat so toxic? This guy did an ok review and just because he did a few things wrong why be so toxic? No one cares if he repeated things over and over again they can judge that for themselves. Jeez piss of haters

  3. I bought this mouse and i had it for like 3 months and it worked fine but after 3 months it Just stopped working if i lifted it up and the laser sensor is not great, Just go for an optical sensor.

  4. stay the fuck away from this mouse, after 1 year this is what happened.
    -sensor problems
    -random dc's
    -right click double clicking
    its shit really.

  5. i have the razer mamba tournament edition the sensor is really bad if you would lift your mouse up and down the cross hair will fly across your screen so please stay away from this mouse

  6. thanks for talking all the video about the "cool lightshow" instead of telling something about the performance of the sensor etc.


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