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A quick fix to playing certain RPG maker games like Blank Dream. This worked for me when the error message “RTP is Required to Run This Game” popped up. And no, its not a virus.

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  1. Thank you I can finally play Five Night's At F***boy's: The Final Mix
    You know what? since u helped me out imma subscribe 😀

  2. i was about to play Straight Through the Maze – Save Captured Elves with H and i ran onto this error, thanks

  3. It say no virus, but me click and my brother PC turn black, I typing this from his phone, i try click again and phone explode big boom my hand hurt, call 911 pleaz aaah. (This is a joke)

  4. Hi i have done this and when i open the .exe file for the game i want to play afterwards the game opens no more error however all i see is a black screen for about 3 seconds then the game automaticly closes what do i need to do to make it work. this happens on multiple different games that require the RPGVXACE to run


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