Slim Arms in 30 DAYS | 8 min Beginner Friendly Standing Workout, No Equipment

Slim Arms in 30 DAYS | 8 min Beginner Friendly Standing Workout, No Equipment

#LoseFlabbyArm #TonedArmsFast #HomeWorkout (Subtitles has been uploaded)

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  1. I gonna try this my arms are huge I don’t know the size but yk

  2. Estou fazendo há um mês e ainda não deu nenhum resultado, mas talvez precise de um pouco mais de tempo, por isso vou continuar

  3. Does it work?
    I tried for 60days without missing a day. My arms still the same 😭. It doesn't work for everyone I guess

  4. I find this workout so easy to do in the background while watching a show. Its really helping with my posture and neck pain! Thanks for the video 😁

  5. Day 17✅

  6. L and R 35 cm( embarrasing)😳
    Day1 : done ✔
    Day2 : hope i dont forget🤦‍♀️

  7. For sure i do this workout for 2 weeks only then i can see a huge difference on my both arm 😍 seriously. But idk why my left arm is smaller than my right arm. My right arm is little bit bigger 😂 but it's okay. Keep it up guys !!

  8. I'm gonna do this for 30 days (leave a like to keep me motivated) 😊 Also 0:32 time stamp where exercise starts:
    Day 1: ✔

  9. Anyone have any idea approx how much calories does this workout burn? I keep a fitness diary and I count my daily calories intake so…yeah.
    So I start off from my LA: 28cm and RA: 27cm (D-1), then I shall check back in a week's time. Hope I remember which I should if I come here daily.

  10. how do i get rid of hip dips

  11. is this really effective????????

  12. ok im gonna try this too

    left: 9.6 inches
    right: 9.6 inches

    day 1: ✓
    day 2:
    day 3:
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:

  13. Abe china

  14. (watching workout videos while eating popcorn)

    Me: Cool!! (eats popcorn)

  15. Chu chu cha cha sney se acha hai ghar ki safai karo

  16. I think this would work if you’r in a calorie deficit. What’s the point of doing this if you keep on overeating/binge eating ?

  17. Okay here we go.
    Right and left are both 30 cm.
    I will try to update daily 🙂

    Day 1 ✔️

  18. Hi! I hope you will make a video on how to slim face. PLEASE I need it!

  19. I forgot to measure my cm from the beginning day

    D1 – done
    D2 – done ( 25.3 cm )
    D3 – done

  20. 0:32

  21. Ok yall have to remind me to update
    Day 1:It hurt a lot is all I can say

  22. 06/25/20

  23. holy, I lost 1 cm off both my arms in a week time????

  24. Superb exercise video.. I was sweating like hell thanks for uploading … could you please video on burning back fat or bra bulge fat

  25. They are too tough. But I'll DO IT!!!

  26. Reminder. Exercise starts at 3:33.

  27. Soo, my hands are quite fatty, that's why I'm going to do this exercise. I was a little bit overweight, but now I'm constantly running, and I became much slimmer, but my arms are still fatty. I'm going to continue running and do this exercise every day, to see if I will get results. I think running itself would make my arms slimmer, once it would run out of the fat from other body parts? 😀 Anyway, I hope this will help to get results faster.
    25.06 – 28cm
    Day 1 – ✅

  28. Thanks

  29. Who got the results?

  30. _φ(・_・6/25〜

  31. I'm so out of shape that this HURTS damn you depression and eating disorders..

  32. Hi to reduce belly fat please show me some

  33. I have been with these exercises for a month, I have dropped 14 centimeters in this month Each series I do twice a day …I will be uploading my results …

  34. Day 14✅

  35. I've been doing this for 2months. I don't think it's making any improvements. Disappointed 😔

  36. Almost just died, great video so out of shape lol

  37. Okay, so I did this workout not only to fight away my insecurities but also to be physically fit 😀

    LA : 28.1 cm
    RA : 27.8 cm

    Day 1: Having SORE ARMS rn but it's definitely worth it!!!

  38. Thank you miss big help simple info will help a lot 🥰🥰🥰

  39. How many sets do I have to do this?

  40. i´ll be updating my measurements every fifth day (done once):
    – Day 1: left arm 35.3 cm/ right arm 35.6
    – Day 5: left arm 34.2 cm/ right arm 34.5
    CM lost: 1.1 cm on each arm

  41. When she says " feel the burn?? keep it up"
    my arms are already on the verge of falling off but i don't want to disappoint her so i muster up kekekekke

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