Hey everybody, this is my full playthrough for Starship Troopers on the PC (minus the movie cutscenes because they were being copyright claimed). This is the full single player campaign with no added commentary.

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This is my own edited playthrough to streamline everything as much as possible, removing any deaths, loading times, my own play style, etc. I place value on the high quality of my videos as I use one of the best capture cards on the market.

If you want to use some footage for a review, retrospective or anything inbetween then feel free. No need to ask! All I ask in return is some credit somewhere in the video/description, and please don’t re-upload my videos to your own channel otherwise I will get them taken down. Thanks!

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  1. I… The voice acting… How can you take the game seriously when the voice acting is… Well… What it is

  2. what is the difference in normal mode? more bug's damage or more bugs or more bug's armors? i cant finish mission 2, ,mission 2 to 4 are more difficult than other missions, because of time limits and npc just walks into the bugs and dies and npc seems to take more damages. then how can anyone play this mode?

  3. Remember watching the original movie back in the 90s – multiple times.
    This game was fun and campy also. I remember there was also a ST real-time strategy game – but I don't know what happened to that.

  4. So I'm watching this while sat on the toilet, I get up and notice I've managed to shit on a massive spider that was hiding underneath the rim of the toilet. As I flushed I quoted "the only good bug is a dead bug" I'm doing my part, are you doing yours?

  5. Starship Troopers fans & Veterans!🕷I re-did the audiobook 📚 w sound 🔊 💥 effects and voice acting! 🎤 8 hrs. Please 🙏🏼listen 👂 and SHARE!!! FB page “Starship Troopers the book”

  6. How are you able to play this mine would not because of my pc console. Do you mind telling us how to make it work with the PC systems now? I love this game and I've been wanting to play it for years.

  7. Mom, I wanna play 'Alien: Colonial Marines'

    "You already have 'Alien: Colonial Marines' at home!"

    'Alien: Colonial Marines' at home….

  8. I still play this game despite encountering some tech problems from time to time. I wish it would be on Steam,I'd buy it. Only if we could contact the publishers,but I doubt anyone would work on the game anymore in terms of updates and the like.

  9. You can still get this game to run nowadays? Oh man. I wish GoG would pick this title up and do something with it. I'd happily pay for a chance to replay this game.

  10. I remember playing this at a LAN on the classic desert hold-out map. Everyone was screaming quotes the whole time while we fought off hundreds of bugs. 😁


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