The real reason why Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young broke up
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  1. What's on Lee Min Ho's mind now that he's in military?Can you guess what's in Lee Min Ho's mind right now? Try this now! Who knows he's thinking of you. :

  2. "busy schedule" is just an excuse for all broken up Korean celebrity couples ,, the real reason though we will never know

  3. Reading the past comments of lmh fans make me understand why kim go eun very carefully treating lmh as a sunbae…

  4. #STRONG POINT: PARK MIN YOUNG is much better off after she broke up with LEE MIN HO. This happened 9 years ago, 2011. Right after this sad experience with her showbiz lovelife, I find her brave, smart, moved forward learned to withstand/counteract the INTRIGUES, BASHES of the crazy fans of LMH. She slowly rose from the ranks, steadily shines, reaches her stardom and 2020 remain on TOP. She is now one of the most sought after leading actresses, bankable, versatile, and has been paired to several famous, brilliant Kshowbiz actors who ONLY have kindest & nicest words towards her. Her FIRST PROJECT with PARK SEO JOON, WWWSK 2018 caught my interest/attention to watch FIRST TIME Kdrama which was worth-watching, entertaining the entire episodes. Its almost 2 years, but still being widely-watched locally & internationally. TRUE TESTAMENT it was an unforgettable, remarkably one of the most beautiful WORK of ARTS Korean Entertainment has ever produced. Their personal romantic relationships are being questioned/scrutinized after this drama finished, until now but both kept quiet, mum. GOOD TAKE. Honor their RIGHT to PRIVACY and they earn my RESPECT. HONEST OBSERVATION: both have maintained their close ties for they have built TRUST, GOOD RAPPORT & TRUE FRIENDSHIP. LOVE & PEACE to everyone….

  5. Aaff. If they truly love each other,no matter what the reasons/situations, break up is still not the solution. You can Be busy whatever you want, but never break up.

  6. In their relationship park min young received many haters and bashers bcoz that time lmh was in the peak of his career.. maybe pmy was so hurt thats why they broke up.. ive read an interview of lmh when he asked his relationship w/ pmy – he said “sad, it was the right love at the wrong time”…

  7. City hunter was my first kdrama that i watched back then and then only i started to watched boys over flower and i still ship lee min ho with park min young

  8. The only reason I got to know about the Korean stars is their busy schedules. I seriously don't understand this. Work is life and their's no emotional relationship with people around. We are becoming Robots.

  9. i want park seo joon and park min young because of the kdrama whats wrong with secretary kim pls watch it its very cool and it will make u romantic sad and happy adn a bit of jumpscare so please watch it 🙂

  10. Honnestly psj is had better chemistry in everything with pmy like they felt very comfortable with one another compared to lmh honestly I used to like the couple but after I saw wwsk i realized that lmh wasn’t really in love with her

  11. I think after military Minho will get married,,,but who is the lucky girl no one's know?????that is his personal life
    Minho why don't you married or choosing one of your fan than to married a celebrities?????

  12. That's because they are not truly in love with each other. If they are, regardless of what they do, they could meet halfway and work for their relationship. But never mind. Pmy already moved on. And she deserve someone better who will love her and never leave her in the air. I have a name on my mind. But it's too early to tell. 😁 Hopefully, they'll workout smoothly.


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