Top 12 Anime Games for PC 2020

Top 12 Anime Games for PC 2020

This is a list of top 12 best Anime Games for PC as of 2020.

NOTE: This Countdown is based on ratings, reviews and personal opinion.
Views may vary between Individuals.

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  1. thx for the imformation thx xD

  2. Ummmm Dont play DDLC if you want to be scarred for the rest of your life

  3. i'd have already played 4 to 5 games from list before watching your video. but after watching it, one more game has piqued my interest. Thanks For this video!

  4. lol how nice of you to put ddlc in this list. XD

  5. I will say on my opinion Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet it's a pretty fun game if you just forget about the anime

  6. Which software you use to edit your videos

  7. OMG this list is PERFECT!

  8. play osu anime music games free download top 100

  9. I was not expecting DDLC

  10. Cool games

  11. whats up dog?

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